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2D Electronics has the experience and the expertise to be your partner on all your video surveillance projects. Our design consultants have an average
of fifteen years of experience in the video security industry. We are not sitting on a warehouse full of cameras and DVR’s that we are trying to liquidate.
We are your partner and a member of your team not just your supplier.
2D Electronics has the ability to help you design the video system that best meets the requirements of your customer’s application. It doesn’t matter
if it’s one camera or 10,000, if it’s a simple system or the most complex, we have been there and done that. Capitalize on our knowledge base, our
presentation skills and our sourcing capabilities to find, design, provide and support you in the right system at the best price to your customer.

Every project is important to us, so you will never be a number and every project will be given the attention it needs, from start to finish, to be successful
for you and your customer.  With our network of manufacturers, we can source just about any product you can imagine to make your project successful,
we have and we will.

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What is Project Consulting?


  • Comprehensive project assessment, planning, and solution recommendation
  • Performed by our team of experts in physical security, Access Control, IP video/CCTV, and wireless networking
  • Additional assessment & planning for complex, multi-location projects
  • Recommended best practices for your industry and particular application
  • Complete equipment specification & installation plan

Our Promise

  1. Get the right system design.
  2. Get the right products at the right price.
  3. Get them delivered on time.
  4. Get the support necessary to deploy, test and train…profitably.
  5. Get 2D Electronics!

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